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Dear Loyal Readers,

Finally, I've decided to take DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING off of Livejournal and onto it's own dedicated site. I know, I know. You're thinking, "But the charm of DFTVYP is that it's on a blog." You may have a point, but it's about time for me to grow up and get my own place. This Livejournal page will only be active to announce everytime a new strip is up on the dedicated site. So please bookmark www.dontforgettovalidateyourparking.com and keep checking back not only for new strips but upcoming silly contests where you can possibly win everything from a free DVD to getting a read at a top agent or lit manager.

Thanks to Monica for all the hard work she put into building the new site!

-Mike Le
Hey folks -- the first animated short to my webcomic is now up. Check it out!

If you haven't already, check out my list of the 20 Greatest Extended Takes In Movie History over at GeekWeek: http://www.geekweek.com/2010/01/20-greatest-extended-takes-in-movie-history.html


Hey everybody! Just wanted to make a quick announcement that I am now a regular contributor to http://www.geekweek.com.

GeekWeek was started by my buddy Jeff Katz who is a former executive at New Line and Fox. He also produced SNAKES ON A PLANE and SHOOT EM UP, and was the force at Fox that got the WOLVERINE movie to the big screen.

www.GeekWeek.com is your one stop shop for everything cool and geek. So bookmark it you know what's good for you!

-Mike Le
Oh, you knew it was coming... "Part 61: The Voicemail of Meredith Baxter" is now up at http://www.dontforgettovalidateyourparking.com/

Part 60: We Were Warned

Hey Folks -- "Part 60: We Were Warned" is now up at http://www.dontforgettovalidateyourparking.com/


Hello Livejournal folks! I have a new interview up, this one with Kat Blasband who is the Director of Development at Tapestry Films (WEDDING CRASHERS, SERENDIPITY). Read and learn: http://www.dontforgettovalidateyourparking.com/Interviews/KatBlasband.html

Part 59: The Things That Divide Us

Hello All! New webcomic: "Part 59: The Things That Divide Us" and my interview with Comic Book Resources is now up at http://www.dontforgettovalidateyourparking.com/
PART 58, FIRST IN premieres, and MAYHEM goes digital! All at: http://www.dontforgettovalidateyourparking.com/

Part 57: Training For Comic-Con

"Part 57: Training for Comic-Con" is now up at http://www.dontforgettovalidateyourparking.com/