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Pre-order MAYHEM!

My comic book, MAYHEM, comes out August 5th through Image Comics. MAYHEM created by Tyrese Gibson and myself. Written by Will Wilson and myself. Here are some preview pages...

You can pre-order your copy of Issue #1 exclusively at the Meltdown online comics shop. First 200 pre-ordered copies will be autographed limited editions and at the price point of just $2.99, you can't afford NOT to buy it!

Warning: MAYHEM is extremely violent and meant for mature readers. But if you want to get it for your kids, I won't question your parenting skills.

Order here: http://www.meltcomics.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=583

Trailer to "W.M.D."

Let me tell you about a little film... This political thriller/satire called "W.M.D." I had my dirty hands in it. It's a little bit CATCH 22, a little bit THREE KINGS, with a dose of RESERVOIR DOGS thrown in for good measure. We shot it indie, modest-budget (no way this would ever be a studio film). With our culture still heavy with the black cloud of Bush's policies, Cheney's face on every talk show championing torture, Pelosi waffling on waterboarding, and the controversy of Obama blocking photos of detainee abuse...this is a pretty good time as any to unleash the film. It's bound to offend and put off some people, but as Charles Barkley's Theory of 50/50 proposes: No matter what you say, 50% of the people will like it, while the other 50% will hate it. So yeah, I expect to get some shit for this one. Such is life! Anyways, here's the teaser trailer the producers have taken to Cannes with them:

WMD FINAL TEASER from Richard Halpern on Vimeo.


Part 54: Write Your Passion

"Part 54: Write Your Passion" is now up at www.dontforgettovalidateyourparking.com/
"Part 53: The Only Non-Jew In The Lit Department" is now up at www.dontforgettovalidateyourparking.com/.  Plus, my comic book MAYHEM and the animated DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING!
Hello Readers!  "Part 50: Cohen, Cohen & Lebowitz" is now up for your reading pleasure!  Plus, a new interview with Ben Roberts, creative executive at Valhalla Pictures!   And more importantly, some thoughts on AMERICAN IDOL!!!



"PART 49: The Idiot's Guide To Dealing with Joaquin Phoenix" is now up along with a new interview with Jim Valley, writer/producer of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and many other TV shows.  And a note on STILL WAITING..., the sequel to the cult comedy hit WAITING...


-Mike Le